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Kumantongs Play Punk Again - Miss 1 Number on Direct 1st Prize

Kumantongs gave 1608 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction - 26 Feb 2017 , Sunday.  At night, come out 1607 - 1st Prize. 8 becomes 7. Miss 1 Number on Direct 1st Prize.

Kumantongs certainly know the exact 1st Prize Numbers. They love to play my backside. They know I don't have money problem, which is why they keep on playing my backside. Win or No Win , Strike or No Strike, doesn't matter.

Most important is... this shows Kumantongs are still as powerful. It is just a matter of time, the Kumantongs let us strike Direct 1st Prize again and again.

Usually when You are in serious money problems, Kumantongs won't play Your backside and let You hit immediately to clear Your debts. Later on, then they come and tease You.

Take Note: Clients / Customers who pay for Personal Kumantong 4D Prediction,  even though there is very high chance You will get to Strike Direct 1st Prize immediately... but ultimately whether You will win or not, still depends on the Good-Will of the Kumantongs.

Words Of Wisdom from Kumantong 4D Master: Buy 4D only if You seek help from Gods and Ghosts. If not, don't bet. The chances of striking a Prize in 4D is 23 sets out of  / 10000 sets.  By seeking help from Chinese Gods, or ghosts, the chances of striking a Direct TOP 3 Prizes is increased to 90% accuracy.