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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kumantong 4D Prediction Hit Ibet Starter - No Fish , Prawn also Good

Blacky Kumantong gave Kumantong 4D Master his own Personal 4D Number as 3562. At night, Singapore Pools 4D came out as 3526 - Ibet Starter.

Hit Starter or Consolation might be a Hint that it is going to Hit TOP 3 Prize.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Winning Lottery is not difficult but need help from Gods and Ghosts..

Winning Lottery (4D  / Pick 4 / Pick 3 etc ) is not difficult but You need the support of gods and ghosts. Gods and Ghosts are always ready to help You, only humans make ownselves unlucky by not believing in them. There are few folks who actually recovered from their financial woes from the help of genuine Taoist Sorcery Masters (茅山法术) to invoke gods and ghosts for support.


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Kumantong 4D Prediction (Kumantong 4D Master's Personal 4D Number) Hit Direct Consolation..

Kumantong 4D Prediction given by Kumantong , hit Direct Consolation on Singapore Pools 4D.

Hitting Starter or Consolation usually might be a hint given by Kumantong that the same number might hit TOP 3 Prize soon.

Gods and Ghosts are always there waiting to help You to win the lottery.

Modern days "educated" people are too "smart" not to believe in this "bullshit".

Sunday, November 5, 2017

So Near.. Yet So Far! Miss 1 number on 2nd & 3rd Prize

Kumantongs gave Kumantong 4D Master his personal 4D Numbers as 2806. At night, 2nd Prize come out as 8016 ,  and 3rd Prize come out as 9082. Also notice when 2806 turn over up-side-down, it becomes 9082.

Almost strike but didn't strike. So near, yet so far. Kumantongs love to tease  and play Kumantong 4D Master's backside.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hitting 4D Starter or Consolation is a HINT by Kumantongs that TOP 3 Prize is coming.!

A new Kumantong 4D Client ask for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. His personal 4D Prediction given by Golden Fat Boy Kumantong was 5845. At night, the given numbers came out as Starter - 5458. He won small amount of money and sent SGD$20 to Kumantong 4D Master as Ang Bao & as  Offering to Kumantongs.

Kumantong 4D Client was told to continue betting on the same Numbers again because hitting Starter or Consolation is a HINT that TOP 3 Prize is coming. Might come again and hit TOP 3. It is a way Kumantongs give hint.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Magnum 4D Prediction shoot to Sports Toto 4D Iperm 2nd Prize!

Malaysian Customer asked for Magnum 4D Prediction. At night, the given number - 0216 by Both Hands Raising Kumantong came out on Sports Toto 4D as 6102 - 2nd Prize. Luckily, Malaysian Customer covered his backside on Sports Toto 4D as well. He won Iperm 2nd Prize and Kumantong 4D Master received SGD$10 Ang Bao / Offering.

Important Notice:

1) Malaysians & Singaporeans pay the same Kumantong 4D Prediction Fee in Singapore Dollars.

2) There is NO sure confirm strike 4D Prediction, only high chance to Strike. If Strike, usually is on TOP 3 Prizes.

3) Each Prediction is valid for 3 tries. If strike, usually is on 1st or 2nd try. Do not buy more than 3 tries.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hit 1st Prize but client never buy! Kumantong still has his Candies!

One Kumantong 4D Client asked for a Personal Kumantong 4D Prediction. He paid the fee and was told to buy for 3 tries. He bet the number on Saturday and Sunday. On Wednesday, the number given came out 1st Prize (Permutation) but the client never buy.

Client didn't win any money, however, since the 4D Prediction indeed came out on 1st Prize, Kumantong 4D Master bought candies offering to thank the Kumantong. This way, Kumantongs will know we appreciate their help and in future will let us strike again and again.

Take Note: Kumantong 4D Prediction is valid for 3 tries. If strike, usually will be on 1st try or 2nd try and usually on Top 3. Never buy more than 3 tries. No confirm sure strike, only very high chance to strike & very often Hit TOP 3 Prizes. Can be Direct or Permutation strike. The focus is to hit Direct 1st Strike on every try. There is NO FREE 4D PREDICTION, so don't beg. Please kindly ask How Much is the Fee for Kumantong 4D Prediction. If You can't afford the fee, then just see us strike and cheer for us.