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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kumantongs Play Punk - Miss 1 Number On Direct 1st Prize!

When come to worst case scenario (meaning never strike a Prize), usually is miss by 1 number on TOP 3 Prizes.

Kumantongs certainly know the exact direct 1st Prize numbers. Either they cock up, or purposely play our backside.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Striked 4D Starter $500! I have just transferred $100 to You!

Kumantong 4D Master! I Striked 4D Starter $500! I bought $2 big system on 1335. Your Kumantongs helped me WIN again!!! I have just transferred $100 to You and please help me to buy Candies & Toys for Kumantongs.

- Miss Ooi,
12 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Spirit Guide or Ideomotor Effect? Who Cares...

Seeking Lottery Numbers ( Pick 3 / Pick 4/ 4D / Toto / Lotto/ Bingo) with Pendulum Dowsing... Is it Fake or Real? By Ghost or movement from your own hands?

Skeptics will immediately condemn movement from all kinds of divination tools are fake. Examples of divination tools are Pendulum Dowsing, Ouija Board, Table Turning /Tilting/Tipping, Automatic writing, Dowsing rods etc. They think all the movement are secretly created by the performers.

If You ever tried out pendulum dowsing before, and it indeed moves by itself, You might also ponder whether the movement was supported by a spirit / ghost / deity, or due to the movement by your own unconscious muscular action - The Ideomotor Effect.

The term Ideomotor was first used in a scientific paper discussing the means through which these spiritualistic phenomena produced effect, by William Benjamin Carpenter in 1852, hence the alternative term Carpenter effect. (Carpenter derived the word ideomotor from the components ideo, meaning "idea" or "mental representation", and motor, meaning "muscular action"). The terms "ideomotor effect" and "ideomotor response" were both introduced by William Benjamin Carpenter. In the paper, Carpenter explained his theory that muscular movement can be independent of conscious desires or emotions.

There are 4 types of people:
  1. Folks who condemn all kinds of movement from divination tools are fake - conscious movement created by the performers, just to cheat / lie / bluff the audiences.
  2. Folks who believe  all kinds of movement from divination tools are created from own unconscious muscular action - The Ideomotor Effect, therefore readings / outcomes are randoms.
  3. Folks who believe that all kinds of movement from divination tools are the work of spiritual entities.
  4. Folks who believe movement from divination tools are  coming from personal psychic ability.
Now, the question is..

Is it so important to find out the truth whether the movement of Pendulum Dowsing Method, or any form of spiritual communication is really the work of the ghosts / deities, or movement created by your own unconscious mind?

What is most important is that... Pendulum Dowsing Method plus praying to Kumantong or Taoist Wealth Talisman, can help You achieve at least 90% accuracy of Lottery Prediction, which means either You miss by 1 number in 4D in TOP 3 Prize, or You strike a TOP 3 Prize. This is enough.

If You are a person who think Ghosts / Deities have guided You to strike Lottery (4D / Toto) while praying to a god / ghost with the support of pendulum dowsing, then be it.

If You are a person who think no divine entities / beings have guided You to strike the Lottery (4D / Toto) but You strike Lottery due to Your own ability to connect with Your intuitive unconscious mind by using the Pendulum Dowsing Method alone, then be it.

You can pray to Ghosts and Gods, and then use any other dowsing methods You like, be it Spirit of Pen / Pencil (笔仙 Bi-Xian), Spirit Of Tray (碟仙), Ouija Board etc, as long as You can strike the Lottery, all kinds of scientific reasoning don't matter.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Malaysia Shoot Wrong Side - Sports Toto 4D - 2nd Prize - 16 Jan 2016 - Saturday

Blacky Kumantong gave Magnum 4D Prediction as 4746. Come out onto Sports Toto 4D as 4647 - 2nd Prize.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Magnum 4D Prediction By Blacky Kumantong Hit Mbox 2nd Prize - 16 Dec 2015 - Wednesday

Blacky Kumantong gave 7671 for Magnum 4D Prediction. At night, Magnum 4D come out 6177 - 2nd Prize. Magnum 4D Members hit Mbox 2nd prize.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Singapore Pools 4D Prediction By Oil Bottle Kumantong Hit Ibet Starter - 13 Dec 2015 - Sunday

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5984 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. At night, Singapore Pools 4D come out 9548 - Starter.

"Bro, I had transfer 8 dollar to you ... buy some nice sweets for kmt hopefully wednesday can give number open first second third prize zhun zhun open huat ar" - Miss Loh

"Bro, Just transferred 2 dollars to Your bank account for offering. Now,waiting for Top 3 Prize to come" - Ah West.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Malaysia Members' Turn To Strike - 3rd & Horse Shit - 25 Nov 2015 - Wednesday

Singapore Pools 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5127.  At night, shoot to Sports  Toto 4D  as 5721 - I-perm 3rd Prize.

Sports Toto 4D Prediction By Both Hands Raising Kumantong gave 0957. At night, come out 5079 - I-perm Horse Shit.