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Past Winning Numbers

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SGD$888 Ang Bao For Winning Singapore Pools 4D Direct 1st Prize!

Dear Kumantong 4D Master,

Good day!

Many thanks to you and your Kumantongs. Your kumantongs help me to strike again. I have just make a transfer of SGD$888/- to your account for Ang Bao for you and Offerings for Your kumantongs. Please help me to buy Candies/Toys for offering to your Kumantongs.

This is my appreciation to Kumantong 4D Master and Your Kumantongs for blessing me to strike my own number 1967 - Direct 1st Prize on sunday - 03 Sept 2017.

Miss C.Chua, Singapore.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Singapore 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong Hit Ibet Starter - 2nd August 2017 (Wed)

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 3152 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. On Wednesday Night (2nd August 2017) , it came out  Ibet Starter.

Hitting Ibet Starter or Consolation means it might hit on TOP 3 on the next draw.

The beauty of Kumantong 4D Prediction by Kumantong 4D Power is that if it strikes, usually will be on 1st try or 2nd try and usually hit Top 3 Prizes. 

If hit only Ibet or Direct Starter or Consolation, the same numbers might hit TOP 3 on the next draw. This is the way Kumantongs give hint that the same number might hit TOP 3 on next coming draw.

There is no confirm win, only high chance. Don't buy the same numbers again if never come out after 3 tries.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not Much.. Only Ibet 3rd Prize - 14 June 2017 - Wednesday

Blacky Kumantong gave Kumantong 4D Master 9145 for personal Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. At night, 9145 came out as 5941 - 3rd Prize. Hit 3rd Prize Ibet 3rd Prize.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sunday Win Direct Starter - Wednesday Miss 1 Number On Direct 2nd Prize - On Same Number

On Sunday (28 May 2017) ,  Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 1894 and hit Direct Starter at night. On Wednesday (31 May 2017), 1894 miss 1 number on Direct 2nd Prize - 4894.

Sunday (28 May 2017) Strike Direct Starter

Kumantong 4D Prediction is always aiming on Direct TOP 3 Prizes.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kumantong 4D Master Strike Direct Starter - 28 May 2017 , Sunday

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 1894 by using Shake Cup Method and gave 0623 by using Pendulum Dowsing Method. At night, 1894 came out as Direct Starter.

This 4D Prediction is Kumantong 4D Master's own Personal 4D Prediction. Usually if Strike is on TOP 3 Prize. Kumantong play punk, only give Direct Starter.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Miss 1 number on 1st Prize - 21st May 2017 - 4107 come out as 1040 - 1st Prize

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 4107, at night came out as 1040 - 1st Prize. Miss 1 number on 1st Prize.

Kumantong 4D Prediction is either Hit TOP 3, or worst case is miss 1 number on TOP 3.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 7781 came out 7378 - 2nd Prize - Miss 1 number - 17th May 2017

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 7781 came out 7378 - 2nd Prize - Miss 1 number - 17th May 2017.
Kumantong 4D Prediction is usually either hit TOP 3 Prize, or Miss 1 Number on TOP 3.