Hit Ibet Horse Shit with Power Of Kumantongs

After Hitting Ibet 1st Prize, the same numbers come out as 3928 - Consolation - Win SGD$12.

There is nothing to show off about. It is to share awareness that 4D can be won more often when there is help from gods and ghosts.

Check out the related websites to learn how You can Win 4D for yourself. There shall be fee charges if You need help from me and is very expensive.

Showing the Video collecting real money, is to prove to You that Winning Ticket is real and not photoshopped..

Only Hit Ibet 1st Prize.. (Today Seek - Tomorrow Strike)

A lady from Brunei asked for help to seek 4D Numbers from my Kumantongs. After paying the fee, prayer was proceeded to seek the 4D Numbers from Kumantongs. The next day, tonight (27th July 2019 - Saturday) - 1st Prize come out as 8392 , hit Ibet 1st Prize.  Today Seek - Tomorrow Strike.

I (Kumantong 4D Master) also strike for buying the same number.

Video of Winning Ibet 1st Prize  
From showing off the real winning ticket, collecting real money and doing prayer offering to thank Kumantongs.

Showing video collecting money is to show You winning is real, not like those fake Indonesian 4D "Gurus". (If You still say it is fake, I think You better Jump Down).

The reason of showing off is to create awareness that anyone can strike the lottery with ease by applying the same methods (seek help from gods & ghosts), by using myself as example.

Many people say "there is no way that 4D can predicted" and there is no such things as "ghosts give lucky numbers", just because they have never experienced it before or have no clues on going about doing it.

In fact, if You don't seek help from gods and ghosts to Win The Lottery, it is best that You don't bet at all, because the odds are against You. If You seek help from gods and ghosts, at least there is 70% chance to Strike.

Me & my clients / customers (who sought help from me) strike the lottery more frequently than the rest of other people, just because we believe and seek direct help from the gods (Chinese Deities) & ghosts (Kumantongs , wandering spirits etc).

The same methods work for Winning Lottery in Western Countries, such as games like Pick 3 / Pick 4 / Lotto/ Bingo etc.

Visit http://kumantong-4d-master.blogspot.com & other related websites to learn how You can Strike The Lottery Like Mad by yourself. If You need help, there will be fee charges.

Same Video is available at Youtube: https://youtu.be/gQqM4N7lS_I

Fee is very expensive - Client still wants it

New comers who ask for Kumantong 4D / Toto Prediction will get a shock when they are being told about the fee to do prayer to seek 4D / Toto Numbers from the Kumantongs by Kumantong 4D Master.

There are folks who willingingly pay the high fee and request for 4D / Toto Numbers, even though the Kumantong 4D / Toto Prediction is not 100% confirm sure strike. The reason might be .. because that is the only best 4D / Toto Prediction service compare to other available similar services. It must be 'something' really "good".

Kumantong 4D  Prediction is not 100% sure strike. The numbers given by Kumantongs are valid only within 3 draws. There is only high chance of winning. If numbers really shoot out, usually is on TOP 3 Prize ( Can be Direct or Ibet Strike).

The goal is to hope that  the numbers given will come out Direct TOP 3 Prize on the 1st Try .

Folks from Western countries can also seek help from Kumantong 4D Master for Lottery Numbers (Pick 3 / Pick 4 / Lotto / Bingo etc).

The best alternative is to own a Wealth Bringing / Lottery Talisman  or a Kumantong from Kumantong 4D Master (a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) , then You can do prayer and seek Lottery Numbers by Yourself non-stop.

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Come out 1st Prize Ibet only on the 4th Draw!

Kumantong 4D Prediction is valid within 3 Draws. There is no confirm sure win. If really strike, usually is on 1st try, can be Direct top 3 or Ibet top 3. But it can be totally miss and win nothing. The goal is to hope for Direct Top 3 Strike on 1st try. This time round, indeed it came out Ibet 1st Prize, but on the 4th draw.

Woody Kumantong plays my backside - 2 times miss 1 number on TOP 3

On Sunday, 7th April 2019, Kumantong gave 4684.

On Sunday night, 7th April 2019, Singapore Pools 4D came out 4816 as 3RD Prize. Miss 1 number on Ibet 3rd Prize.

On Wednesday night, 10th April 2019, Singapore Pools came out 3863 as RD Prize. Double 4 became double 3.  Miss 1 number on Ibet 3rd Prize.

4D Numbers given by Kumantongs are valid for 3 Draws. Either You Strike TOP 3 Prize or miss 1 number on TOP 3 Prize. If without the help from ghosts, don't buy 4D / Lottery.

Miss 2 times TOP 3 by 1 number and Hit 1 time Horse Shit - Big 1 is Cumming

4D Prediction given by Wooden Block Kumantong was 4782. Notice on 1st try ( 31 March 2019 - Sunday), 3rd Prize came out 4870, miss 1 number. On 2nd try (03 April 2019 - Wednesday), 3rd Prize was 8147, miss 1 number but hit Horse-Shit (Consulation) as 8427.

The beauty about 4D Prediction by Kumantong is that it always aim for TOP 3 Prizes. Sooner or later, You will strike TOP 3 Prize.

Alternatively, You may seek help from:
Read more at >> taoist-sorcery.blogspot.com

To Win 4D / Lottery , better seek help from the "other side", if not, don't buy.

Hit Horse Shit (Consulation) - Win only SGD$6 - TOP 3 CUMMING

On 10th March 2019 (Sunday), Woody Kumantong gave 1969 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction (Kumantong 4D Master's own personal 4D Numbers). At night, Singapore Pools 4D come out 9196 as Ibet Consolation.

Hitting Ibet Consolation or Starter might be hint from Kumantongs that Direct Top 3 Hit is coming. Only the Kumantongs trained and owned by Kumantong 4D Master has this potential.

Kumantongs purposely give 4D Numbers to Hit on Ibet Consolations and Ibet Starters to let people laugh and jeer, then suddenly give a Direct TOP 3 Prize Strike to "Bang People's Balls".