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Hit Horse-Shit (Consolation) - TOP 3 on next draw?

Kumantong Oil Bottle gave 2609 for Wednesday - 20 Feb 2019. At night, Singapore Pool 4D came out 6902 as Ibet Consolation.

Ibet Consolation or Starter means same number might hit again as TOP 3 on next draw.

The beauty about the Kumantongs owned and trained by Kumantong 4D Master is that, the numbers given if hit Ibet Consolation or Starter, it is hint that next draw might hit TOP 3.

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Quick Pick Toto can Strike 3 numbers? If ask Kumantong.. Lagi Power!

I (Kumantong 4D Master / Taoist Sorcery Master) rarely bet on Toto, because the odds of winning is worse than 4D. However, this time round, with spare cash sleeping in the pocket, decided to throw on Toto just for fun. Surprisingly, just anyhow buy (Quick Pick) able to strike 3 numbers correct (out of 49 numbers) and Win SGD$10.

In this case, if I were to do prayer to ask / seek Toto Numbers from Kumantongs, I belief it will be LAGI QUAT (even more powerful). If I ever strike big big Toto from Kumantongs, I will show off the real winning tickets (not photoshop) and then will start a Toto Prediction Service. But 1st of all, I need to winning big for myself 1st, then I'm able to show off the truth of Winnings. If I don't strike for myself 1st, who will belief? Perhaps... in future I can be "Kumantong Toto Master"?

Anyway, some folks (old time clients) have already been requesting for Toto numbers but only able to strike 2 to 3 numbers correct (winning few hundred dollars by buying "Private"). Yes, they paid a fee for the service charge for me to do prayer to seek numbers from my Kumantongs.

So stay tuned. If You can't wait any longer and hoping to Strike Toto with the help of Kumantongs,  You may email me (Kumantong 4D Master) , or  consider getting a Kumantong for Yourself, or own a Gods Of Wealth Talisman to seek 4D / Toto by Yourself.

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Kumantong plays my backside until backside tear - Miss 1 number on 1st Prize again!

Using 'Shake Cup' Method, Oil Bottle kumantong gave 7029.
Using pendulum method, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 9074.

On 23 Jan 2019 (Wed), 1st Prize came out as 7039.
7029 miss  1 number on Direct 1st Prize.
9074 miss 1 number on 2rd Prize Ibet.

On 26 Jan 2019 (Sat), 3rd Prize came out as 4087
9074 miss 1 number on 3rd Prize Ibet.

On 27 Jan 2019 (Sun), 1st Prize came out as 0949.
9074 miss 1 number on 1st Prize.

Kumantong plays my backside until my backside tear. Miss 1 number on Ibet 1st Prize.

Miss TOP 3 Prize for all 3 draws (3 tries).  Both Numbers are invalid already.  Must do prayer ritual to seek for new number to buy.

The beauty about the 4D Numbers given by Kumantongs from Kumantong 4D Master, is that, You know what numbers to buy, when to buy and when to stop. If miss, miss 1 number on TOP 3. If Strike, Strike TOP 3.

Miss 1 number on TOP 3 Prize again - Win no fishes and no prawns

Just previously, last Wednesday (23 Jan 2019) , using Pendulum method to seek 4D Number from Oil bottle kumantong, was given 9074. Using 'Shake Cup' method  to seek 4D Number from Oil bottle kumantong, was given 7029.  2 sets of 4D miss 1 number on 1st Prize.

Tonight Saturday (26 Jan 2019), again... 1 of the 2 sets (9074 given by pendulum method) miss 1 number on Ibet 3rd Prize.  Win no Fishes, not even prawns.

Chinese New Year 2019 is reaching but Kumantongs still play my backside.

Anyway, the beauty of 4D numbers sought from the Kumantongs owned or trained by Kumantong 4D Master is that, You know that the 4D numbers given is , most of the time,  at least 3 out of 4 numbers correct showing on the TOP 3 Prize and also know when to drop the numbers and buy  new numbers. Numbers given are valid for 3 tries (3 draws). If never win, seek and buy new numbers. If really strike, strike TOP 3.

CNY IS CUMMING - Kumantong still play my backside!

Kumantong play my backside again!

Today decided to use pendulum method and also Shake Cup method to seek 4D from Oil Bottle Kumantong.

Pendulum method was given 7094.
Shake Cup method was given 7029.
Tonight come out 1ST PRIZE-7039!

CNY IS CUMMING! Last year, 1 day before Chinese New Year Eve won Direct 2nd Prize - Win SGD$9000.

Important Tip: For those Chinese and also non-Chinese who know how to pray to Gods and Ghosts, Chinese New Year (CNY) is very high chance that spirit entities are happy to let people win the lottery  (4D & Toto). Hope this Year will HIT DIRECT TOP PRIZE AGAIN.

There are several prayers / rituals to usher Gods Of Wealth into Your home and life during Chinese New Year period, so take note. Many Chinese Bosses use this opportunity to Win The Lottery, during this 'high chance of winning'  period of time of the year.

Win 4D again - Ibet Starter - Win SGD$40 only

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5474, at night come out 4745 - Starter. Win only Ibet Starter.

Notice on Sunday (22nd July 2018), Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 4740, came out 0474 - 2nd Prize (Strike 4D - Ibet 2nd Prize).
Then, tonight Wednesday (25 July 2018) , Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5474, came out 4745 - Starter.
Confirm Kumantong know the direct number, but purposely play my backside.

Also notice almost everytime, I only buy 1 set of number (putting all eggs in 1 basket).

If You have confidence in Your number, You just aim on 1 target and hit bull's eye.
Some other "masters" will vomit out few hundred sets of numbers for You to buy.

Collecting Money & Doing Prayer Offering

Hit Ibet 2nd Prize with Oil Bottle Kumantong's 4D Prediction

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 4740 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction.  At night, Singapore Pools 4D come out 0474 as 2nd Prize. Win Ibet 2nd Prize.

Kumantong 4D Master seek his own 4D Number from Oil Bottle Kumantong. Therefore, he strike 2nd Prize himself and no one else. This is what I call >> Ownself Strike, Ownself Shiok (自己中,自己爽).

Went to collect Money from SG Pools

Found to win SGD$250 on 2nd Prize Ibet 1 big 1 small. Winning is REAL , not photoshopped.

Constantly showing off 4D Winning Tickets and collecting money is to let the skeptics wake up their mind, who think that 4D cannot be predicted.

To consider a 4D Master , make sure that 'Master' strike his own number 1st.

The same method to Strike Lottery works on 4D / Pick 3/ Pick 4/ Toto/ Lotto/ Bingo around the World.