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Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 9746 - Hit Ibet Starter as 9764

On 6 May 2018 - Sunday, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave Kumantong 4D Master his personal 4D Number as 9746. At night, hit Ibet Starter - 9764.

Hitting Ibet Starter or Consolation from the number given by Kumantong is not a Big Deal... but it is a HINT from Kumantong that the same number might hit Direct TOP 3 Prize on the next draw.

Only Kumantongs own / kept and trained by Kumantong 4D Master are able to give hint that the numbers given might be coming out as Direct TOP 3 Prize on the up coming next Draw.

Collecting Money for Winning Ibet Starter 
(Winning is REAL , not Photoshopped)

Buy Ibet is just to cover backside. If Direct Top 3 strike, that will be a killing. With Kumantong 4D Power, you can focus on betting more on Direct "Small".

Win SGD$1000 for myself - With Client's 4D Numbers

Client paid the fee for Kumantong 4D Prediction. Kumantong gave him 7997. I (Kumantong 4D Master) bet on the same numbers given as well.  I personally also won SGD$1000.

I laugh when 'Smart' Ass ask me ... "If so Accurate, why You don't buy the numbers for Yourself?" Because I personally also strike on Clients' 4D Prediction Numbers given by my Kumantongs.

Collecting Money from SG Pools

Not like other 4D 'Masters',  Only Kumantong 4D Master will bet on the 4D Predictions sent to Clients because he belief there is a high chance the numbers given will strike Direct TOP 3 Prizes.

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Client's Winning Tickets

Strike his own 4D again and again with the Kumantong he ordered

One guy ordered a Mini Oil Bottle Kumantong (owned and trained by me - Kumantong 4D Master) from me not long ago... and now strike 4D by himself again and again.

Take note that a Kumantong from me (Kumantong 4D Master) is very expensive, not many people can afford it or interested to pay with that type of price. There is no online auction and no discount. Prices and Fees will become more expensive as time goes by.

Winnings and testimonials shown are all genuine, NOT Photoshopped. You don't need to buy anything from me but at least in your life-time, You must know such things (strike lottery with gods and ghosts) exist.

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CNY 2018 - Direct 2nd Prize - Win SGD$9000

Everytime near Chinese New Year or on the several days of Chinese New Year Celebration, Kumantongs have the tendency to let us strike 4D. Indeed, 1 day before Chinese New Year Eve, Kumantong let Kumantong 4D Master strike Direct 2nd Prize and Win SGD$9000. One client also Strike the same number.


SGD$1000 Cash & SGD$8000 Cheque

Prayer Offering to thank Kumantong

Prayer Offering to thank Kumantong for helping to strike Direct 2nd Prize 4D - SGD$9000 (Won SGD$1000 in cash & SGD$8000) in a cheque. Never forget where the source comes from - 饮水思源,不忘本。

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Not Much.. Only Ibet Starter

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 2783 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. At night, Singapore Pools came out 7328 - Ibet Starter.

Hitting Ibet Starter or Consulation might be a hint from Kumantong that the same number  is going to hit TOP 3 Prize in next coming draw.

Kumantongs Play My Backside Again! - Miss 1 number on 1st & 3rd Prize on Singapore 4D

On Sunday - 17 Dec 2017, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5279. On Sunday night, Singapore Pools 4D came out 9754 - 1st Prize. Miss 1 number on 1st Prize.

Miss 1 Number on TOP 3 Prize might be a hint from Kumantong that it might hit again on next draw. On Wednesday - 20 Dec 2017, bet on 5279 again. At night, Singapore Pools came out 8759 - 1st Prize and 9875 - 3rd Prize.  Miss 1 number on 2 TOP 3 Prizes.

Kumantongs played my backside again..

SO NEAR .. YET SO FAR - Miss 1 number on 1st Prize on Singapore Pools 4D

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5279 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction for Sunday - 17 Dec 2017. At night, 1st Prize came out 9754 , miss 1 number.

Miss 1 Number on TOP 3 Prize might be a hint from Kumantong that it might hit again on next draw.