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Singapore 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong Hit Ibet Starter - 2nd August 2017 (Wed)

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 3152 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. On Wednesday Night (2nd August 2017) , it came out  Ibet Starter.

Hitting Ibet Starter or Consolation means it might hit on TOP 3 on the next draw.

The beauty of Kumantong 4D Prediction by Kumantong 4D Power is that if it strikes, usually will be on 1st try or 2nd try and usually hit Top 3 Prizes. 

If hit only Ibet or Direct Starter or Consolation, the same numbers might hit TOP 3 on the next draw. This is the way Kumantongs give hint that the same number might hit TOP 3 on next coming draw.

There is no confirm win, only high chance. Don't buy the same numbers again if never come out after 3 tries.