Win 4D again - Ibet Starter - Win SGD$40 only

Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5474, at night come out 4745 - Starter. Win only Ibet Starter.

Notice on Sunday (22nd July 2018), Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 4740, came out 0474 - 2nd Prize (Strike 4D - Ibet 2nd Prize).
Then, tonight Wednesday (25 July 2018) , Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 5474, came out 4745 - Starter.
Confirm Kumantong know the direct number, but purposely play my backside.

Also notice almost everytime, I only buy 1 set of number (putting all eggs in 1 basket).

If You have confidence in Your number, You just aim on 1 target and hit bull's eye.
Some other "masters" will vomit out few hundred sets of numbers for You to buy.

Collecting Money & Doing Prayer Offering