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CNY 2018 - Direct 2nd Prize - Win SGD$9000

Everytime near Chinese New Year or on the several days of Chinese New Year Celebration, Kumantongs have the tendency to let us strike 4D. Indeed, 1 day before Chinese New Year Eve, Kumantong let Kumantong 4D Master strike Direct 2nd Prize and Win SGD$9000. One client also Strike the same number.


SGD$1000 Cash & SGD$8000 Cheque

Prayer Offering to thank Kumantong

Prayer Offering to thank Kumantong for helping to strike Direct 2nd Prize 4D - SGD$9000 (Won SGD$1000 in cash & SGD$8000) in a cheque. Never forget where the source comes from - 饮水思源,不忘本。

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