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Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 9746 - Hit Ibet Starter as 9764

On 6 May 2018 - Sunday, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave Kumantong 4D Master his personal 4D Number as 9746. At night, hit Ibet Starter - 9764.

Hitting Ibet Starter or Consolation from the number given by Kumantong is not a Big Deal... but it is a HINT from Kumantong that the same number might hit Direct TOP 3 Prize on the next draw.

Only Kumantongs own / kept and trained by Kumantong 4D Master are able to give hint that the numbers given might be coming out as Direct TOP 3 Prize on the up coming next Draw.

Collecting Money for Winning Ibet Starter 
(Winning is REAL , not Photoshopped)

Buy Ibet is just to cover backside. If Direct Top 3 strike, that will be a killing. With Kumantong 4D Power, you can focus on betting more on Direct "Small".