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Damn Lucky! Didn't Strike TOP 3!

Kumantongs today help me save money and also let me strike abit. Today wanted to pump direct small and direct big on my Personal 4D Numbers given by Kumantongs but both totally sold-out, so have to end up buying Ibet Small & Ibet Big.

Kumantongs gave 9509 for 4D Prediction. Both Direct Small & Direct Big were sold out. Have to end up betting on Ibet Small & Ibet Big.

9509 didn't come out on the TOP 3 Prizes. It come out as 0959 - Ibet Consolation Prize.

Kumantongs know I can't win TOP 3 Prizes today, so let me win Ibet Consolation instead. Hitting on Ibet Consolation or Ibet Starter is a warning given by Kumantongs that the same numbers might come out as TOP 3 soon.