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Singapore Pools 4D Prediction / Forecast / Tips by Oil Bottle Kumantong miss 1 number on Direct 1st Prize

Singapore 4D Members were informed to take note of 9728, Wednesday 4D Prediction for coming Saturday 4D Draw.

Tonight, Saturday night, Singapore Pools 4D 1st Prize is 9724. Miss 1 digit on Direct 1st Prize.

4D Prediction/ Tips / Forecast by Kumantong 4D Power usually hit on TOP 3 Prize or worst case scenario is miss 1 number on TOP 3 Prize.

Only 1 Set of 4D Prediction/ Tip / Forecast is given for every upcoming 4D Draws. Either you hit a TOP 3 Prize or you miss by just 1 number in TOP 3 Prize.

4D Punters who use 4D Software to predict 4D Numbers can pay and sign up Kumantong 4D Numbers and then use it to fine tune their own 4D Prediction.