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Kumantongs show their presence from the 4D Prediction Results

Kumantong 4D Predictions and Results for Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SG Pools 4D by Oil Bottle Kumantong : 5577
Actual Result >> 4466 - 3rd Prize. Notice that 4466 + 1111 = 5577.
This shows Oil Bottle Kumantong knows his math and purposely -1 to all numbers just to tease your backside.

Magnum 4D by Blacky Kumantong : 3358
Actual Result >> 5803 - 3rd Prize.
Blacky Kumantong purposely miss 1 number to tease your backside.

Sports Toto 4D by 2 Hands Raising Kumantong : 1837
Actual Result >> 8071 - 2nd Prize and 1371 - 3rd Prize.
Both Hands Raising Kumantong know the actual numbers for 2nd and 3rd Prize but decided to tease you by giving you a set of 4D which will strike 3 numbers on 2nd and 3rd prize.