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4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong miss 1 number on Sports Toto 4D 2nd Prize

Kumantong 4D Prediction and Results for 17 Nov 2012 , Saturday

SG Pools 4D by Oil Bottle Kumantong: 1864
Actual Result: Miss in Singapore Pools 4D. Sports Toto 4D come out 4061 - 2nd Prize.

Magnum 4D by Blacky Kumantong: 0323
Actual Result: Miss

Sports Toto 4D by 2 Hands Raising Kumantong: 0423
Actual Result: Miss

Take Note: Individual Kumantongs have their own specific 4D-Company to focus on and predict upcoming potential winning numbers of the TOP 3 Prizes but they have the tendency to give out winning numbers onto one or both of the other 2 4D-Companies instead. Kumantong 4D Followers may need to buy all 3 sets of 4D Numbers on their selected 4D-Company they intend to bet-on, just in case either one of the 3 sets of 4D-Numbers shoot out onto TOP 3 Prize of the selected 4D-Company they are betting on.

Everyone is encouraged to keep their own Kumantong, so that You can seek their own 4D Numbers directly from their own Kumantong.

Learn to Keep Your own Kumantong and Strike 4D: