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Hit Direct 1st and 2nd Prize within 1 month - With Blessing Of Kumantongs

After striking Direct 1st Prize on 7th April 2013 - Sunday with his own 4D Numbers, Mark Kessler once again hit 2nd Prize today ( 24th April 2013 - Wednesday) with his own 4D Numbers.

With the Blessing of Kumantongs from Kumantong 4D Power, in less than 1 month , he hit Direct 1st and 2nd Prize. Within 6 months, he had hit 2 times Direct 1st Prize and 1 time Direct 2nd Prize. Total hit 3 times TOP 2 Prizes in 6 months!.

On 11th April 2013, Thursday, Food Offering was just given to Kumantongs on behalf of Mark K, who sent his Ang Bao ( Token of Appreciation) due to striking Direct 1st Prize on 7th April 2013 - Sunday.


Be generous to friends and people around You. Never forget where the source of luck and wealth come from. There is a Chinese saying " When drink water, remember where the source come from" (饮水思源)。

When You can do this, spiritual beings will always give You their blessings and You will strike Lottery non-stop.

Mark K. never forget to do his offering as he believed his luck must had come from the blessing of Kumantongs, which is the reason why he strike TOP 3 Prize again and again non-stop.

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