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Kumantong Offering on behalf of a follower on Striking Personal Direct 1st Prize with Kumantongs' Blessing

After receiving money from Mark Kessler for Kumantong offering, Food Offering is immediately done to Kumantongs, so as to able to continue receiving blessings from Kumantongs again and again. When strike 4D, always remember "where the source come from". This is the second time Mark hit Direct 1st Prize with his personal numbers. He feel it must be the blessings from Kumantongs from Kumantong 4D Power and he never forget to give his "Token of Appreciation" to Kumantongs and Kumantong 4D Master.

When he 1st came across Kumantong 4D Power Blog, Mark didn't have the money to pay for the monthly subscription fee ( He had financial difficulty) to view Kumantong Prediction Numbers. He end up praying on Kumantongs's image instead and hope that he will strike his own 4D Numbers from Kumantongs' Blessing.

Indeed, on his 1st try, he won Direct 1st Prize. He believed he was helped by Kumantongs' Blessing and without hesitation, he immediately donate SGD$100 as offering to Kumantongs and Kumantong 4D Master. From that generous move, he was given free entrance to Kumantong 4D Power Special for life.

6 months later, Mark hit yet again.. another Direct 1st Prize. During the past 6 months, he had been striking small lottery winning on and off. Again he stroke 1st Prize, he believed his luck was due to the blessing from Kumantongs and sent his generous donation accordingly.

Kumantnong 4D Master has his share of blessing (money and donation) because he never forget to be nice to generous folks who treat him well - give 100% free entrance to Kumantong 4D Power Special for life.

Be generous to friends and people around You. Never forget where the source of luck and wealth come from. There is a Chinese saying " When drink water, remember where the source come from" (饮水思源)。

When You can do this, spiritual beings will always give You their blessings and You will strike Lottery non-stop.