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4D Prediction by Both Hands Raising Kumantong Come on Singapore Pools 4D as Consolation Prize - 23 July 2014 - Wednesday

Sports Toto 4D Prediction - 7474, by Both Hands Raising Kumantong come out on Singapore Pools 4D as 7744, Hit Full System.

Kumantongs, trained by Kumantong 4D Master,  are playful and love to purposely shoot their given 4D Numbers of their respective counter to other 4D Counters. However, to break their code is very simple. Just follow this rule :" Kumantongs love to play but yet they will still let You Bet Less Win More".

With this rule,  and compare with other 4D Numbers given by other Kumantongs, 7474 (AABB) will be the cheapest on full system bet , therefore 7474 is predicted to be the highest chance to strike onto Singapore Pools 4D. Indeed, at night 7474 come out on Singapore Pools 4D as 7744.

The reason why 4D Numbers for other 4D Counters given by  other Kumantongs keep shooting onto Singapore Pools 4D , because Kumantongs will focus the winning onto the counter, which Kumantong 4D Master is betting on, because he is the Master of the Kumantongs Of Kumantong 4D Power. Kumantongs always take care of his Owner 1st.

Many people will laugh that it is just consolation prize so nothing to show off about. But another secret is.... 4D numbers that strike on Starter or Consolation is just an appetizer and the same number might come out as TOP 3 Prize again on the next draw.

Important: The above rules and tips only applied on the Kumantongs owned and trained by Kumantong 4D Power.