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Sports Toto 4D Prediction By Both Hands Raising Kumantong come out on Singapore 4D Pools as Direct Opposite Starter - 6 July 2014 - Sunday

Saturday Strike ! Sunday Strike Again!

On Saturday (5 July 2014), Sports Toto 4D by Oil Bottle Kumantong come out  on Singapore Pools 4D as Ibet Starter >> One Stone Kills 2 Birds

Singapore Members of Kumantong 4D Power were informed to follow the simple rule & Hint from Kumantongs: "Kumantongs love to help the followers to BET LITTLE but WIN BIG. So, whenever there is at least 2 same digits, there is very high chance of it coming out, and on TOP 3 Prize"

Indeed, on Sunday (6 July 2014), 6464 given by Both Hands Raising Kumantong come out on Singapore Pools 4D as 4646 - Direct Opposite Starter.

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